About us

Eco Masters offer premium skin, hair and body care products that are based on popular salon procedures. Find out more about how this rapidly growing range started.

About Us

Recorded history shows that women have used cosmetics to help enhance their look since the time of the pharaohs. Obviously, over the last 6,000 years a lot has changed in terms of technology and advancements, but a surprisingly high number of modern day beauty practices have their origins in these ancient societies. Eco Masters was founded on the ambitious idea of creating a high quality collection of cosmetics that effectively brought together the old with the new.

As a result, every item in the exclusive portfolio is inspired by beauty treatments from all over the worlds and all throughout history, which have then been thoroughly updated with innovative cosmetics science. The result is a truly unique line of products that offer a completely unique, opulent and decadent experience.

Eco Masters can be found in more than 15 countries, worldwide and continues to grow quickly.

Our People

The team of experts behind Eco Masters hold a sincere interest in premium skin care and cosmetics and use a lot of the products for themselves.

We want to share our own experiences with you and tell you how things really work on day-to-day level. What’s more, we enjoy being experts in our brand and want to be there for you, in order to introduce you to the products and help guide you in your selections.

Eco Masters


Premium cosmetics from passionate industry experts. From the start, we have always taken great care about what goes into every product; making sure the very latest research and finest components are used. We are proud of the Eco Masters range and love each item in the collection and we are sure that you will love them just as much!